Apr 8, 2009

your eyes
your lips
your hands
explore my curves

I feel alive and awake
a keen sense of calm falls over me
as our bodies come together,
like the solution to a puzzle that no one knew existed
until now.

of arms and legs and fingers and toes and torsos
in unison
like a dance of seduction whose steps we know so well.


I think I've had more sex in the past month than I've ad in the past 4 years. Threesome, kink parties, dates to dance parties that ended in bed at 4am. I'm exhausted.

Jan 24, 2009

Bear with me...

... as I regenerate my blogroll,
Since Blogrolling itself seems to be out of commission, I now have to rebuild. Thank you for your patience.

Dec 28, 2008

My recent discovery...

... is in a guy's pants.

Been having really good sex lately with the Scientist and his very large cock. It's a wonder to behold, as well as to hold in my hand. Sometimes I'm amazed that it fits inside me (thanks to tons of lube). He keeps complimenting me on how tight I am and all I can think (but never say) is "of course you think I'm really tight, your dick is huge!" The idea that someone's vajayjay is not tight enough for his thick piece of manhood makes me think his last few partners must really be in need of that vaginal rejuvenation surgery I saw on Dr. 90210.

Nov 30, 2008

the times

Dating and mating in the modern realm

Aug 27, 2008

Bump 'n grind,Bump 'n grind

It started off innocently enough.
(Doesn't it always?)
Just a dance with the friend of a friend at some generic club downtown. The music was thumping out some unidentifiable club mix hit. There was flirting, as is the norm when people with the sizzling, sparking chemistry get near each other. Hands kept hovering near places they probably shouldn't have been in public. He was twirling and swirling me around, which was alternately thrilling and scary. Our bodies were so close that I could make out a nice-sized erection through his jeans. I wanted to touch it, wrap my fingers around it. Instead I chose creativity. Pretended to be a stripper and rubbed my delicious ass up against it. I think it drove him crazy. He pulled me closer. Way closer. My crotch near his. My head to his neck. So close, yet so far. I ran my tongue along his earlobe. He shuddered.
He grabbed my ass and pulled me even closer than I thought possible for two people on a dance floor who still had all their clothing on. He began practically thrusting up against me, but to the beat of the song, simulating sex in a way that was probably sort of obvious. I wondered if people were watching us. Living vicariously through us. (Were we turning them on?)
I liked it. A lot.
His hand on my ass guiding my body toward his in an undulating vibration of pure, raw desire. Moving as one, throbbing to the beat. Until the climax... of the song.
(And him.)

Jun 12, 2008


I think I might have a small problem on...er... with my hands. I can't seem to keep them from touching my pretty parts. Not that I can't keep my hand down my pants when I'm at work (don't want to get fired or spend too much suspicious time in the office's single w.c.). The addict in me comes out later... like when I'm alone on the couch at night (and Boytoy has gone to sleep), I cannot help but get myself all hot and bothered. And next thing you know I'm absentmindedly stroking a nipple or teasing my clit.

Maybe I've needed all this self love to help clear the writer's block I've had for the past few months. Masturbation got me back to the blog.

Apr 25, 2008


There's been some stressful stuff going on my life life and as a result I haven't been feeling very sexy or very creative lately. And I don't want to write if my heart (and other parts) isn't in it. I spend all day at work writing just to fill space. My intent with this blog is for the contents to be a reflection of who I really am.